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Because of the way Breath of the Wild game content is structured, multiple mods often have to make incompatible changes to the same files or groups of files. Not all of this can be helped—some mods will always conflict—but many of the most common mod conflicts can be resolved. There are seven major areas of concern in resolving mod conflicts: the RSTB, SARC packs, game texts, game data, save data, actor info, and the contents generally of BYML and AAMP files.

RSTB Conflicts

RSTB conflicts occur when two or more mods modify ResourceSizeTable.product.rsizetable. Unless the changes are merged, you may experience the general symptoms of RSTB problems when trying to use such mods together, which may include crashes, invisible models, missing actors, or hanging on the loading screen. Note especially that crashes which come immediately on loading the game often involve the RSTB entry for Bootup.pack or one of the message archives described below.

To resolve RSTB conflicts, you must identify the RSTB changes made by each mod, which can be compared using rstbtool or Wild Bits. For help with this, see Help:Updating the RSTB.

SARC Conflicts

SARC conflicts occur when two or more mods modify the same SARC file, most frequently TitleBG.pack, Bootup.pack, or an actor pack. For example, if one mod changes Link's appearance and one mod changes the texture of the paraglider, each mod will contain an entire TitleBG.pack file, and they will not cooperate.

To resolve SARC conflicts, you must identify the changed files in each SARC and manually copy the changed files in each to a single SARC. You can extract and modify SARC archives using sarc or Wild Bits.

Game Text Conflicts

Game Data and Save Data Conflicts

Actor Info Conflicts

BYML and AAMP Conflicts