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SARCs are archive files.


The basic structure of SARC files is documented on the MK8 wiki.

Hash algorithm

Nintendo's algorithm uses an unsigned 32-bit integer for the hash variable, and a signed char variable. Also note that Nintendo iterates over each byte, not each string character.

Here is an accurate implementation of the algorithm, written in C++:

const uint32_t multiplier = 0x65;
const char* string = "月クッパ戦Lv3(クリア後).baglshpp";
uint32_t hash = 0;
int i = 0;
while (true) {
  char c = string[i++]; // *signed* char
  if (!c)
  hash = hash * multiplier + c;

Usage in Breath of the Wild

SARCs are used extensively in Breath of the Wild to keep related data in memory and minimise loading times.


Archives have a wide range of extensions. However, the file format is completely the same regardless of the extension.

The following extensions are specific to the game:

The following extensions are used by Nintendo libraries that are included in the game (non exhaustive list):

  • sarc
  • bgenv
  • genvb
  • blarc

Data alignment

Some files have specific alignment requirements (e.g. for GPU data). Because Nintendo's SARC library returns file data by giving pointers to the data section directly, special care must be taken to pack files in a way that satisfies all alignment requirements.

Nintendo libraries do not use BotW's resource system and expect files to be properly aligned. This is the case for layout archives (blarc) and agl environment files (Pack/Bootup.pack/Env/env.genvb).

However unlike most other Nintendo games, for files that are managed by the game's resource system, aligning archive file data is usually unnecessary because the system will automatically allocate an aligned buffer and copy the archive data into it.


Because of the alignment problem and file size limitations due to Breath of the Wild's resource system, only the following tools are recommended:

Tool Cross-platform Setup Known issues
SARC Tool Yes
  1. Install the sarclib package. [CLI help]
  2. Install the libyaz0 package. [CLI help]
  3. Download the latest release from GitHub
  • Unnecessary padding for BotW: SARC Tool may add unnecessary padding when archives are repacked, meaning generated archives may end up larger than the original even if no file size has increased inside the SARC. The game will fail to load it unless you fix the RSTB.
sarc Yes

Install the sarc package. [CLI help]


BotW Unpacker Yes

Download the latest release from GitHub.

  • Wii U only: This tool can only handle big endian archives. Switch SARCs will not work as they use little endian.

We strongly advise against using other tools because they do not handle file alignment properly.