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Official name Yes
Description Loads game data into GameDataMgr or writes it to saves.
Init function Switch 1.5.0: 0000007100E03214
Wii U 1.5.0: 0324E6AC
Debug only No

savedataformat loading

Similarly to GameDataMgr, SaveMgr loads every file that is in the savedataformat archive and assumes it is a bgsvdata resource[1]. The file name does not matter.

SaveMgr can only load up to 0x20 files[2].

For each file, one Bgsvdata resource object is created and save information is loaded from the resource. SaveMgr only supports a single file entry in the "file_list"[3]. The HashValue is ignored; the game always uses CRC32(DataName).

After all resources have been loaded, a different Bgsvdata resource object is created and internally populated with N file entries, where N is the number of distinct file_name values[4] in all previously loaded resources.

The flag array for each file in that Bgsvdata object is then sorted[5][6][7][8][check].

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