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Author(s) leoetlino
Source code
License GPLv2+
Written in Python
Platform support Cross-platform

rstb (rstbtool for the CLI) is a tool for manipulating Breath of the Wild's resource size table (RSTB).


Install the rstb package.[CLI help]


This tool automatically decompresses Yaz0-compressed RSTBs, and re-compresses after editing if the file extension starts with an s. This means that you do not need to compress or decompress files manually.

Important: You must pass --be if you are dealing with a big endian RSTB (Wii U version). path_to_rstb is a path to the ResourceSizeTable.product.rsizetable file. RESOURCE_NAME is a canonical resource path.

  • To get a resource size: rstbtool [--be] path_to_rstb get RESOURCE_NAME [help]
  • To set a resource size: rstbtool [--be] path_to_rstb set RESOURCE_NAME NEW_SIZE [help]
    • NEW_SIZE can be an integer (hex or decimal) or a real file path (in which case rstb will automatically calculate the resource size).
  • To add a resource size: rstbtool [--be] path_to_rstb add RESOURCE_NAME NEW_SIZE [help]
  • To delete a resource size: rstbtool [--be] path_to_rstb del RESOURCE_NAME [help]

Known issues

  • Size calculation for complex resources: rstb is currently unable to calculate file sizes for complex resource classes (see Resource system#Resource size calculation for more information). The CLI will suggest deleting entries if it detects that this is the case.