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Author(s) leoetlino
Source code
License GPLv2+
Written in Python
Platform support Cross-platform

sarc is a tool that can read and generate both big endian and little endian SARC archives, whether they are Yaz0 compressed or not. It is one of the few tools that are able to align file data correctly.


Install the sarc package. [CLI help]

Known issues



This tool automatically decompresses Yaz0-compressed archives, and re-compresses them when repacking if the extension starts with an s. This means that you do not need to compress or decompress files manually.

  • To extract: sarc extract INPUT_FILE.pack
  • To pack (create a new archive): sarc create INPUT_FOLDER OUTPUT_FILE.sbactorpack (add -b at the end of the line for Wii U only).
  • If you are using this tool for non-BotW games, make sure to pass the --not-botw flag as other games need different packing rules.
  • More commands in the readme.