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Scene changes — which are essentially warps that trigger loading screens — can be explicitly triggered with three different actions: ChangeScene, FromCDungeonToMainField and ToCDungeon.

All three actions are very similar; in fact they share the same base class. However, the first one is the most flexible action since the other two can only be used for shrines.



Full article: AIDef:Action/ChangeScene


Full article: AIDef:Action/FromCDungeonToMainField


Full article: AIDef:Action/ToCDungeon

Warp cutscene

Demo005_1 is used as the event flow for most warps, for example when fast travelling to shrines, towers, Travel Medallion and Divine Beasts.

Entry point ClearRemains is used when completing a Divine Beast. The main difference between CommonFunc and ClearRemains is the warp effect (sound and visual).