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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
WarpDestMapName String  

Destination map. Format: {MapType}/{Map}

Example: "MainFieldDungeon/RemainsFire", "MainField/A-1"

WarpDestPosName String  

Destination position (defined in Static.mubin for each map type)

Example: "StartR"

FadeType Int
  • 0: Full loading screen (visible Fade and FadeStatus screens)
  • 1: Loading icon on a white background
  • 2: Loading icon on a black background
StartType Int
  • 0: Camera behind Link on spawn.
  • 1: Camera behind Link (closer) on spawn.
  • 2: Camera in front of Link on spawn.
EvflName String   Name of the event flow to start after warp is complete

Example: Demo622_1

EntryPointName String   Name of the entry point in the event flow

Example: Demo622_1

Derived definitions

Demo_ChangeScene (EventSystemActor)

No overridden parameters.

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