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Not to be confused with map units, stages or scenes.

A map is a game area with its own set of map units and other placement-related assets such as blwp files.

Maps are uniquely identified with a map type and a map name. The identifier is usually written as MapType/MapName (e.g. MainField/B-3). Confusingly enough, Nintendo sometimes refers to this complete identifier as the map name.

Maps in public releases

Identifier Description
MainField/%c-%d (a letter in {A..J}; N in {1..9}) Hyrule
MainFieldDungeon/RemainsWind Divine Beast Vah Medoh
MainFieldDungeon/RemainsWater Divine Beast Vah Ruta
MainFieldDungeon/RemainsFire Divine Beast Vah Rudania
MainFieldDungeon/RemainsElectric Divine Beast Vah Naboris
MainFieldDungeon/FinalTrial Final Trial
AocField/%c-%d (a letter in {A..J}; N in {1..9}) Trial of the Sword
CDungeon/Dungeon%03d (0-119) Shrine
CDungeon/Dungeon%03d (120-135) Shrine (Champion's Ballad)