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Welcome to the wiki! ZeldaMods is a wiki that was created to collect information about Breath of the Wild internals and future games that might be based on the same engine.

This wiki only hosts technical documentation about formats, game internals and guides. For discussion, please join the Breath of the Wild Modding Hub Discord.

Editing the wiki

To keep the wiki organised, please follow the below rules when editing the wiki.

General guidelines

  • If you see a problem that you can fix (e.g. a typo or a factual inaccuracy), please do so!
  • Just like Wikipedia, ZeldaMods is a wiki. This means that articles are not owned by anyone and no one should act as though they are solely responsible for an article or a category.
  • Explain what you changed by writing a brief edit summary.
  • Please proofread your edits or submissions.

Editing articles

  • Articles do not have to be perfect or 100% complete.
    • If a section is incomplete, please add the Expand_section template. If it's completely empty, use Empty_section.
    • If an article is really incomplete, add the Stub template at the beginning of the article.
  • Add categories to articles: the goal is to have no uncategorised articles at all!

Before adding a new article

  • Verify that there isn't already an existing article on the same topic that could be expanded.
  • If the first letter of the title should be lowercase, add the lowercase template to the article.
  • Some articles should be added to special namespaces (prefixes that are used to organise articles):
    • Help, guides: Help
    • General information on the ZeldaMods project: Project

Help us expand articles!

Many articles are incomplete at the moment. A list of such pages can be found at Category:Stubs. If you can, please help us make these articles more complete.