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This resource is found in TitleBG.pack.

Its canonical resource path is "Quest/QuestProduct.bquestpack".

QuestProduct is the configuration file for the quest manager.

Contrary to what its file extension would suggest, it is not a SARC archive, but a standard BYML file. Like all other files with "product" in their name, QuestProduct is a machine generated file with many redundant structures which is not meant to be edited directly.


The root structure is an array; each element is a dictionary that corresponds to a quest.

Example ("Find_Impa" quest):

- Location: HopesPlateau
  Name: Find_Impa # Quest name
  NotPostNote: false
  Orderer: Dm_Npc_Hyrule_KingSoul # Name of the quest giver
  StepDependencyFlags: []
    - {AttentionOff: false, MessageName: Desc, Name: Ready, NextFlag: Find_Impa_Activated,
      UpdateStep: true}
    - Actors:
        - <ACTOR_STRUCTURE_1>
        - <ACTOR_STRUCTURE_2>
        - ...
      AttentionOff: false
      IndicatorActors: # Yellow quest markers on the map
        - HasFar: false
          InstanceName: ''
          Location: {X: 1772.7099609375, Y: 0.0, Z: 984.3099975585938}
          Name: Npc_Kakariko001
          OffFlag: ''
      MessageName: Finish
      Name: Finish
      NextFlag: Find_Impa_Finish
      UpdateStep: true
    - ...
  Type: Main

Actor structure

Not to be confused with event flow timelines.

- DefaultTimeline: ...
  ConditionalTimelines: ...
  DisableClipping: true
  DisplayDistanceMode: None
  Name: Npc_MiniGame_Crosscountry # Name of the actor
  UniqueName: ''

For DefaultTimeline, ConditionalTimelines, DisplayDistanceMode and some other properties, see ActorParam/AISchedule.