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Making changes to an actor's parameters is one of the most basic and common types of editing in BOTW modding. This brief guide will introduce the process in its simplest form.


Mod Preparation

Folder Setup

First you will need to create a folder structure for your mod. For Wii U/Cemu, the format is pretty well standardized. To make a simple parameter edit for an actor, create a setup like this:

└── content
    └── Actor
        └── Pack

For Switch, format conventions vary. This guide will use the format expected by BCML and Hyrule Builder:

└── 01007EF00011E000
    └── romfs
        └── Actor
            └── Pack

File Setup

Next, you will need to copy the actor pack(s) for the actor(s) you want to edit from your game dump into your project. Be sure to use the latest update files—version 1.5.0 for Wii U or 1.6.0 for Switch—to ensure general compatibility. If you don't know the name of the actor you want to edit, use this actor ID reference to look it up. For example, if you wanted to edit the torch, Weapon_Sword_023, you would copy Actor/Pack/Weapon_Sword_023.sbactorpack into you mod's Actor/Pack content folder.

Actor parameters which appear somewhere in the game's UI (e.g. the armor rating in the inventory, the price in a shop) will generally have a corresponding value in the actor's entry in ActorInfo.product.sbyml. If you are editing one of these values, you will also need to copy this actor info file from your update files into your mod as Actor/ActorInfo.product.sbyml.

Editing Parameters

Now that the mod's basic structure is set up with the original files, you can proceed to making edits. Open Wild Bits to the SARC tab, and then open the actor pack you want to edit.

The SARC view will present you with a tree of the files and folders inside the actor pack. To edit parameters, expand the tree to the file you would like to edit. Often this will be in the general parameter list, e.g. Actor/GeneralParams/Weapon_Sword_024.bgparamlist. Select the file and then click Edit, which will open the file in YAML tab.

In the YAML tab, all of the parameters will be easily viewable and editable. For information on what the individual parameters are or mean, check. Once you have made your edits, click Save in the YAML tab. Once you have saved all of the files you want to edit, click Save in the SARC tab as well.

If any of the edits you have made involve values which would appear in the UI, next open Actor/ActorInfo.product.sbyml in the Wild Bits YAML tab, find the actor you edited, and update the relevant parameters to match the changes you made in the actor pack.

Using the Mod

At this point, you've completed the actual modding part of the process. The next step would be simply packaging your mod files into the format you wish to use, whether BNP or graphic pack or Atmosphere mod. Usually, for Cemu you will want to add a rules.txt file or use the BNP maker in BCML. For Wii U, you don't need to add anything; just place the results in the correct SDCafiine folder. For Switch, you will want to copy the output into your Atmosphere titles or contents folder. For more on this process, see Help:Using mods.