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Official name No
Description Constructs and initialises actors
Init function Switch 1.5.0: 00000071011DBAE4
Wii U 1.5.0: ???
Instance Switch 1.5.0: 00000071026521F0
Debug only No

ActorCreator is responsible for constructing and setting up actor instances.

Creation parameters

To specify actor parameters such as position, a ring buffer structure is used to store and pass parameters to ActorCreator.

Parameter type

Value Type
0 Int
1 ?
2 Float
3 Bool
4 Vec3
5 String
6 Invoker (pointer)
7 Matrix34


Name Type Description
@SB bool ?
@P vec3 Position
@R vec3 Rotate
@S vec3 Scale
@M matrix34 Position [check]
@ND bool ?
@RL int ?
@D invoker Actor create callback (called with Actor* as argument)
@I int ?
@DD float ?
@TV vec3 Velocity
@RV vec3 Angular velocity
@PC bool ?
@W ? Set actor flag 0x40 during actor creation/init
=AT bool Is AI tree variable (special purpose)
SharpWeaponJudgeType int (Weapon) Minimum modifier tier that a weapon can receive
IsDrop bool Is an actor drop (e.g. enemy drop)
InitBoundBoxPosOffset bool ?
IsPlayerPut bool Is Inventory Item Drop[check]
IsIncreaseSkeletalSlotNumLimit bool ?
Life int Life (health)
AttackPower int Attack power
ScaleTime float ?
AtMinDamage int Attack minimum damage
Range float ?
AttackAttrEventKill bool ?
RopeFlag bool Is Rope[check]
RopeAlwaysUpdateRigidParam bool Update Rope Physics[check]