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Official name No
Description Limits the number of spawned actors (e.g. for amiibo drops)
Init function Switch 1.5.0: 0000007100E4D770
Wii U 1.5.0: 032C34A8
Debug only No

ActorLimiter is a subsystem that makes it possible to artificially limit the number of spawned actors in some cases (e.g. for amiibo drops or enemy drops).

ActorLimiter is initialised from GameScene.

How it works

When an actor is spawned, it can be manually added to an ActorLimiter list. The add function checks whether the actor list is full and deletes an existing actor if needed.

Actors with the PriorityMaterial actor tag are not discarded.


In 1.5.0, there are 8 different lists[1].

Index Description Number of actors
0 Lumberjack tree drops[check] 10
1 Dropped items (except weapons) or InCarryBox actors[check] 10
2 "Player trash" (dropped weapons) 10
3 Drops 20
4 Sand seal (Animal_SunazarashiSP_A) 1
5 Bullets 10
6 amiibo drops 15
7 ? 10
  1. 0x71007A8308 [nx-1.5.0 executable]