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Official name Yes
Description Manages world state (time, blood moons, climates, weather, etc.)
Init function Switch 1.5.0: 00000071010F2920
Wii U 1.5.0: ???
Debug only No

The World Manager (WorldMgr) is responsible for managing time, blood moons, climates, weather, fog, wind, lighting, procedural generation of clouds, whether the Lord of the Mountain appears, etc.

Because of the massive amount of state to handle, functionality is split across the main WorldMgr and 9 sub-managers.



Sub-managers are created in WorldMgr::init (0x71010F43C0) and inserted into a pointer array (@WorldMgr+0x5c0). All names below are unofficial.

Sub-managers by ID
ID Description
0 TimeMgr: Handles time, blood moons, Lord of the Mountain.
1 CloudPrMgr: Handles cloud procedural generation.
2 ShootingStarMgr: Manages shooting stars and (in 1.3.3+) special shooting stars for the Xenoblade 2 quest.
3 WeatherMgr: Handles "rain splash" and climate weathers.
4 TempMgr: Handles world temperature[check].
5 ?
6 SkyMgr: Handles sky and fog[check]. Holds the configuration for all EnvPalettes, EnvAttributes, WeatherInfluences, Remains palettes, Indoor palettes and dungeon fogs.
7 DofMgr: Handles depth of field[check]. Holds depth of field related parameters.
8 ?


The main WorldMgr class is responsible for keeping climate related parameters and determining which set of climate settings to use. Strangely enough, WorldMgr uses the position of the Camera actor to figure out which map area the player is in (and thus what climate to use), not the Player actor.


TimeMgr handles everything to do with time, including Blood Moons and the Lord of the Mountain's apparition.

Internally, time of day is stored as a float in the [0.0, 360.0] range. 0.0 = midnight = 360.0; 90 ≈ morning; 180.0 = noon; and so on.


  • Time is set to 78.75 (05:15).
  • Time for TotS environment is set to 78.75 (05:15) as well.
  • "Bloody Moon end reserve timer" is set to 0.


This is called whenever a stage is unloaded (essentially every time the loading screen is shown when loading a different kind of stage -- e.g. shrine → overworld, but not shrine → shrine or overworld → overworld).

  • Blood Moon checks are delayed.
  • The AnimalMaster_Appearance flag is cleared, meaning the Lord of the Mountain will not appear.


This is called every frame.

  • (If field 0x14A is set to 99, WM_BloodyDay is set to true. AIDef:Action/SetBloodyMoonEnv uses this to force a Blood Moon to be scheduled. This feature appears to be unused.)
  • If both Demo103_0 and Demo997_0 have not been played, time of day is reset to 78.75 (05:15).
    • Demo103_0 is the "leaving Shrine of Resurrection" cutscene, and Demo997_0 is a cutscene that doesn't exist anymore.
  • If AIDef:Action/AdvanceTime or anything else that changes time of day was called, the actual time is updated at this moment.
  • The game then performs #Midnight checks.
  • Update time of day: there are several possible update modes. In most cases, the update mode is 0.
Mode Description
0 If Demo103_0 or Demo997_0 have been played, and if there is no active event (cutscene):
  • Add (0.0083333 * elapsed frames) to the Time of Day timer. Effectively, this means that 1 in-game minute = 1 real-life second.
  • If the timer is >= 360.0, which means that a day has passed, the game subtracts 360 from the timer and then performs midnight checks.
  • If FindDungeon_Activated is false (if the player hasn't received the The Isolated Plateau quest) and if the current time is >= 165.0 (11:00), the time is forcefully set to 11:00. Effectively, this means that time will not get past 11:00 until the Great Plateau Tower is activated and the Old Man cutscene is triggered.
  • The Blood Moon timer is updated too.
1, 13, 35 Freeze time to 04:00
2, 14 Freeze time to 05:00
3, 16, 36 Freeze time to 07:00
4, 19, 37 Freeze time to 10:00
5, 26, 39 Freeze time to 17:00
6, 28, 40 Freeze time to 19:00
7, 30, 41 Freeze time to 21:00
8, 11 Freeze time to 02:00
9, 42 Freeze time to 00:00
10 Freeze time to 01:00
12 Freeze time to 03:00
15 Freeze time to 06:00
17 Freeze time to 08:00
18 Freeze time to 09:00
20 Freeze time to 11:00
21 Freeze time to 12:00
22, 38 Freeze time to 13:00
23 Freeze time to 14:00
24 Freeze time to 15:00
25 Freeze time to 16:00
27 Freeze time to 18:00
29 Freeze time to 20:00
31 Freeze time to 22:00
32 Freeze time to 23:00
34 * Add (0.0083333 * elapsed frames) to the Time of Day timer.
  • If the timer is >= 360.0, which means that a day has passed, the game subtracts 360 from the timer.

Note: In this state, the blood moon timer is never updated and its value is never checked either.

Midnight checks

The following actions happen every time the timer reaches 360.0 (midnight).

WM_NumberOfDays is incremented.

If a Blood Moon is scheduled (WM_BloodyDay is true):

  • If Blood Moons are prohibited (see conditions below), set the Blood Moon timer to 2880.0.
  • If they are allowed to happen, call Demo011_0 and set the Blood Moon timer to 0.0.

Scheduling new Blood Moons:

  • If the FirstTouchdown flag is set (i.e. if the player has left the Great Plateau), and if the Blood Moon timer is > 2520.0 (7 in-game days):
    • WM_BloodyDay is set to true, which means that a Blood Moon is scheduled for the next night.
    • The Blood Moon timer is reset to 0.0.
  • Otherwise, the "Bloody end reserve timer" is set to 150. This ensures that the WM_BloodyDay flag is cleared 5 in-game minutes (= 5 seconds in real life) after a Blood Moon occurs.

Blood Moon inhibitors

If any of the following conditions are true, the Blood Moon cutscene will not be triggered.

  • Not on MainField (main overworld)
  • IsInHyruleCastleArea is set
  • LastBossGanonBeastGenerateFlag is set (fighting Dark Beast Ganon)
  • BloodyMoonProhibition is set
  • Wind_Relic_BattleStart is set (Vah Medoh battle)
  • Electric_Relic_Battle is set (Vah Naboris battle)
  • Water_Relic_BattleTime is set (Vah Ruta battle)
  • SkyMgr's field_2B4 is set to 15 and field_2B8 >= 1.0

However, these do not prevent the Blood Moon timer from advancing, or the WM_BloodyDay flag from being set.

Note: Vah Rudania is missing from the list. This is normal and blood moons still cannot happen during the Vah Rudania battle sequence because the BloodyMoonProhibition flag is set during it.

Day/night time flag

From 00:00 to 06:00 (closed interval) and from 18:00 to 00:00 (closed interval), WM_DaytimeFlag is set to false and WM_NighttimeFlag is true.

In any other case, WM_DaytimeFlag is set to true and WM_NighttimeFlag to false.

Time division, IsMorning, IsNoon, etc.

Start End Division Time type (1) Time type (2)
04:00 05:00 0 MorningA Morning_A1
05:00 07:00 0 MorningA Morning_A2
07:00 10:00 1 MorningB Morning_B
10:00 13:00 2 NoonA Noon_A
13:00 17:00 3 NoonB Noon_B
17:00 19:00 4 EveningA Evening_A
19:00 21:00 5 EveningB Evening_B
21:00 00:00 6 NightA Night_A
00:00 04:00 7 NightB Night_B

Note: all intervals include the start time and exclude the end time.

Moon type

The moon type is calculated based on the number of in-game days (WM_NumberOfDays). The exact formula is (numberOfDays + x + 1) % 8[1], where x is equal to 1 if the current time is > 180.0 (noon) and % is the modulo operator.

If a moon type was set manually (for instance using AIDef:Action/EventSetMoonType), that value will be used as the moon type.

The moon type is returned by AIDef:Query/WhatMoonName, which some NPC event flows use to check the current moon phase. However, the moon schedule has nothing to do with the blood moon schedule.

Lord of the Mountain

The Lord of the Mountain appears whenever the AnimalMaster_Appearance flag is set. Its value is managed by a simple state machine.

Note that whenever a stage is unloaded, the AnimalMaster_Appearance flag is reset to false.

State 0 - Wait for conditions

If the following three conditions are true:

  • The #Moon type is 5 (waxing crescent)
  • The AnimalMaster_Existence flag is false (the LotM must not already be spawned)
  • The current map area number is not 64 ("HyruleHill", presumably the Satori Mountain area)

then the game generates a random "appearance hour" in the [0 .. 22] interval and goes into state 1.

State 1 - Wait for the appearance time

If the player is in map area 64, the state is reset back to 0.

Otherwise, the game does nothing until the current hour matches the previously generated appearance hour, at which point it sets AnimalMaster_Appearance to true (which allows the LotM to spawn) and goes into state 2.

State 2 - Satori Mountain is glowing

After one hour has elapsed, the current day of the week is stored and the state is set to 3.

State 3 - Prepare to despawn

After two week day changes, or [after the in-game day of the week changes and the current hour is >= the generated appearance hour], the LotM will disappear and the state will be set to 4.

State 4 - Despawned

The game waits for the moon type to be 5, before going back to state 0.


Weather types

Value Name
0 Bluesky
1 Cloudy
2 Rain
3 HeavyRain
4 Snow
5 HeavySnow
6 ThunderStorm
7 ThunderRain
8 BlueskyRain
  1. 0x71010E8200