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  • #15: 2019-03-17: byml-v2 2.2.1 was released. Fixes a critical bug in document generation for hash nodes: the writer used to assume that dictionaries were already sorted. It will now ensure that entries are sorted.
  • #14: 2019-03-16: botwfstools 1.4.1 was edited. A bug in GameData archive (gamedata.sarc and savedataformat.sarc) handling was fixed.
  • #13: 2018-12-05: EventEditor 1.3.1 was released: minor fixes and improvements.
  • #12: 2018-11-20: sarc 1.1.1 was released. Issues with non-ASCII file names were fixed.
  • #11: 2018-10-21: EventEditor v1.3.0 was released. Bug fixes and new features: it is now possible to show event parameters directly in the flowchart view, search for parameter values and toggle case sensitivity. Keyboard navigation in the flowchart view was improved.
  • #10: 2018-10-13: aamp v1.2.3 was released. Parameter lists are now written before objects to match Nintendo.
  • #9: 2018-10-12: rstb v1.1.2 was released with a critical bug fix to the interface.
  • #8: 2018-10-05: evfl v0.11.2 and EventEditor v1.2.2 were released (minor fixes).
  • #7: 2018-09-30: rstb v1.1.1 was released with a fix for batcllist files not being recognised as complex resource classes. botwfstools v1.4.0 can now create new SARCs.
  • #6: 2018-09-30: rstb v1.1.0 was released. It now has a new dump command to print all entries in a text format, which is useful for comparing RSTBs.
  • #5: 2018-09-29: botwfstools v1.3.0 was released. It now supports add-on content (DLC) out-of-the-box.
  • #4: 2018-09-28: byml-v2 v2.0.3 was released. It includes a critical bug fix for document generation. rstb v1.0.3 was also released, fixing an issue with the CLI (rstbtool).
  • #3: 2018-09-21: Ice-Spear now has an official website.
  • #2: 2018-09-18: BravelyPeculiar released botw-duplicator-tools (actor and bfres duplicating utilities).
  • #1: 2018-09-15: Version 1.2.2 of the aamp library and tools was released.
  • #0: 2018-09-03: The wiki is now open.