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Author(s) leoetlino
Source code
License GPLv2+
Written in Python
Platform support Cross-platform

EventEditor is a graphical editor for event flows. It can currently only handle event flowcharts; event timelines are not supported yet.


  1. Ensure you have a 64 bit version of Python 3.6+ before continuing. You will not be able to install or launch EventEditor otherwise.
  2. Install PyQt5.
    • If you're on Linux, use your package manager. The package for Debian is called python3-pyqt5. You will also need to install python3-pyqt5.qtwebengine.
    • If you're on Windows, install the PyQt5 package. [CLI help] Also install the PyQtWebEngine package [CLI help].
  3. Install the eventeditor package. [CLI help]


EventEditor can be launched with the eventeditor command. [help]

Optionally, you may open an event flow directly by passing a path to the bfevfl file (e.g. eventeditor Event/Dummy.bfevfl).

Enabling auto completion support

To avoid having to type actor, parameter, action and query names manually, EventEditor has built-in support for auto completion.

To enable the feature, the program must be configured to look in the game's content files by adding:


to EventEditor's configuration file, where /path/to/game_rom is a path such that /path/to/game_rom/Pack/Bootup.pack/Actor/AIDef/AIDef_Game.product.sbyml exists.

An easy, recommended way to get the required file structure without having to extract every single archive is to use botwfstools.

Configuration file

The configuration file is stored:

  • On Linux or macOS: at ~/.config/eventeditor/eventeditor.ini
  • On Windows: at %APPDATA%/eventeditor/eventeditor.ini

Known issues

  • Does not support event timelines yet: Timelines are not supported at all currently.