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Author(s) leoetlino
Source code
License GPLv2+
Written in Python
Platform support Cross-platform

EventEditor is a graphical editor for event flows. It can currently only handle event flowcharts; event timelines are not supported yet.


  1. Ensure you have a 64 bit version of Python 3.6+ before continuing. You will not be able to install or launch EventEditor otherwise.
  2. Install PyQt5.
    • If you're on Linux, use your package manager. The package for Debian is called python3-pyqt5. You will also need to install python3-pyqt5.qtwebengine.
    • If you're on Windows, install the PyQt5 package. [CLI help] Also install the PyQtWebEngine package [CLI help].
  3. Install the eventeditor package. [CLI help]


EventEditor can be launched with the eventeditor command. [help]

Optionally, you may open an event flow directly by passing a path to the bfevfl file (e.g. eventeditor Event/Dummy.bfevfl).

Enabling auto completion support

To avoid having to type actor, parameter, action and query names manually, EventEditor has built-in support for auto completion.

To enable the feature, the program must be configured to look in the game's content files by adding:


to EventEditor's configuration file, where /path/to/game_rom is a path such that /path/to/game_rom/Pack/Bootup.pack/Actor/AIDef/AIDef_Game.product.sbyml exists.

Use forward slashes even on Windows to avoid escaping issues.

An easy, recommended way to get the required file structure without having to extract every single archive is to use botwfstools.

Configuration file

The configuration file is stored:

  • On Linux or macOS: at ~/.config/eventeditor/eventeditor.ini
  • On Windows: at %APPDATA%/eventeditor/eventeditor.ini

Known issues

  • Does not support event timelines yet: Timelines are not supported at all currently.