Lord of the Mountain

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This article documents some mechanics about the Lord of the Mountain.


The Lord of the Mountain appears whenever a special flag is set ('AnimalMaster_Appearance'). Its value is managed by a very simple state machine.

  1. If the moon type is 5 (waxing crescent) and if Link is not in map area 64 (Satori Mountain), the game generates a random "appearance hour" in the [0 .. 22] interval.
  2. When the current hour matches the appearance hour, the Appearance flag is set and the LotM is allowed to appear. Link must still NOT be in map area 64 until this happens, otherwise the game goes back to step 1.
  3. One hour after the appearance hour, the current day of the week is stored.
  4. The LotM disappears after two in-game week-day changes, or 24 in-game hours after the Appearance flag was set, whichever happens first.

Interestingly, only the appearance hour is determined by RNG. The LotM consistently appears on the 5th day of a moon cycle as long as conditions are satisfied.

Note that whenever you enter/leave a shrine (or warp from or to anything that is not physically in the overworld) or reload a save, the AnimalMaster_Appearance flag is reset to false. That flag does not persist across reloads.

For more technical details, please read WorldMgr.

Calm down number

The Lord of the Mountain requires 40 "calm down" presses to be (temporarily) tamed[1]. 40 is the highest number of presses among all horses and horse-like animals.