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This resource is found in Bootup.pack.

Its canonical resource path is "Ecosystem/MapTower.beco".

Visual representation. An interactive version is available in the object map.

LoadBalancer.beco is a beco file. It is used to temporarily reduce the draw distance in some areas to help with performance.

LODMgr[1] does the following every game tick:

Player* link = ActorSystem::sInstance->getPlayer();
int balancer = eco::getCurrentAreaData(
this->cpuLoadBalancer = balancer;
if ( balancer && this->drawDistanceMultiplier > 0.7 )
  this->drawDistanceMultiplier = 0.7;

Names come from leftover debug functions in LODMgr.

  1. Level of Detail Manager code @ 0x7101254C38 in the Switch 1.5.0 executable