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Official name Yes
Description Manages game data flags
Init function Switch 1.5.0: 0000007100DCE964
Wii U 1.5.0: ???
Debug only No

GameDataMgr holds the date of all game data flags and provides functions to get, set and reset them. It is also responsible for keeping track of "shop sold out" flags and resetting them regularly.

Flag data is loaded from bgdata files and stored in TriggerParam objects. Transferring data from and to save files is done by interacting with the SaveSystem and SaveMgr subsystems.

In debug versions, GameDataMgr is able to sync save data from and to a computer.


There are at least two sets of TriggerParams at all times and up to four (param1, param, ???, GimmickResetBuffer). The exact purpose of each TriggerParam is currently unknown.

After all GameData flag info has been loaded into this->triggerParam from the GameData archive (gamedata.sarc), another TriggerParam instance called param1 (this->triggerParam1) is constructed and data is copied from this->triggerParam. The copy function also builds the lists of flags that need to be reset (with a non-zero ResetType) and of boolean flags with (initialValue >> 1) != 0.

  • Changes to GameData are (usually) made to param1. A flag allows all param1 changes to be automatically propagated to param, but it appears to be unset under normal operation.
  • Under some cases, SaveMgr triggers copies from param to param1.
  • GameDataMgr::calc copies param1 to param unless a flag is set.



Stored at GameDataMgr+0xC18 on Switch 1.5.0. Most flags are still poorly understood.

Flags are checked in the main update function (GameDataMgr::calc). Some flags are used to request actions such as resetting all flags to their initial value; these are automatically unset after GameDataMgr has processed the request.

enum GameDataMgr::Flags
  GameDataMgr::Flags_1 = 0x1,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_2 = 0x2,
  /// Causes GameDataMgr to call TriggerParam::resetToInitialValues(this->triggerParam1),
  /// clear some values of this->triggerParam and invoke reset callbacks
  GameDataMgr::Flags_NeedResetAllToInitial = 0x4,
  /// Causes GameDataMgr to call TriggerParam::reset(this->triggerParam1) (see below)
  GameDataMgr::Flags_NeedReset = 0x8,
  /// [Debug only] Creates a TriggerParam instance called "GimmickResetBuffer" (if needed)
  /// and copies data from param1.
  /// A pointer to the instance is stored in GameDataMgr.
  GameDataMgr::Flags_NeedGimmickReset = 0x10,
  /// If this->gimmickResetBufferParam is non-null, copy it to triggerParam and to triggerParam1 (args: 1, 0, 0).
  GameDataMgr::Flags_NeedCopyGimmickParam = 0x20,
  /// If this->gimmickResetBufferParam is non-null, copy it to triggerParam and to triggerParam1 (args: 1, 1, 0).
  GameDataMgr::Flags_40 = 0x40,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_80 = 0x80,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_100 = 0x100,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_200 = 0x200,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_400 = 0x400,
  /// Set from flag setter functions. The name is based on the fact that IsChangedByDebug gets set at the same time.
  GameDataMgr::Flags_IsChangedByDebugMaybe = 0x800,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_1000 = 0x1000,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_2000 = 0x2000,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_4000 = 0x4000,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_ChangeOnlyOnceMode = 0x8000,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_10000 = 0x10000,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_20000 = 0x20000,
  /// If set, GameDataMgr::calc will skip copying param1 to param (args: 0, 0, 0)
  GameDataMgr::Flags_DisableParam1ToParamSync = 0x40000,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_IsRestartFromGameOverMaybe = 0x80000,
  GameDataMgr::Flags_DoNotResetToInitialFromRadarMgr = 0x100000,

Reset flags

Stored at GameDataMgr+0xC1C on Switch 1.5.0.

Flag ResetType Description
1 0 No reset[check]
2 1 Corresponds to reset type 1: reset on blood moon

Set from SaveSystem code (under specific cases when a save is being loaded), or more commonly from action::EventOffWaitRevivalAction (whenever a Blood Moon happens)

4 2 Corresponds to reset type 2: reset on stage generation

Set when preparing for a stage generation.

8 3 Corresponds to reset type 3: reset every night at midnight

Set every day at midnight.

0x10 4 Corresponds to reset type 4: reset every time the Lord of the Mountain appears

Set by WorldMgr when it determines that the Lord of the Mountain should appear.

Reset process

All game data flags for which (1 << resetType) & resetFlags is true are reset to their initial values.

TriggerParam::reset processes up to 1024 flags at a time. The function returns the number of remaining flags to reset and flag 0x08 (GameDataMgr::Flags_NeedReset) is only cleared when all flags have been reset.

bool and s32 flags with reset type 3

bool and s32 flags with reset type 3, and with a flag name hash that is listed in ShopAreaInfo (in ShopGameDataInfo.byml) receive special treatment.


  • the player is in none of the shop areas that are associated with the flag (or in the Dealer's area for area-less flags); or if the player is not on MainField
  • and, for items with the Arrow tag: if the player has fewer than {itemSaleRevivalCount} arrows in their inventory


  • The flag is reset to its initial value.
  • For bool flags: All associated sold out flags are reset to their initial values.

For more information on the area checks, see Object respawning.