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Cooked items sometimes receive bonuses (improved effect duration, potency, health recovery, etc.). This random process is internally called a "boost". When this happens, the player is said to have gotten a "critical success".

The probability of getting a boost is calculated based on what ingredients the player is using.

However, boosts are guaranteed during a blood moon. More exactly:

  • The current day must be a "Bloody Day" (see WorldMgr for more information).
  • The "blood moon time range progress" must be strictly greater than 0.1%.
    • This value starts increasing linearly from 0% at 23:30 and reaches 100% at 00:00, then starts decreasing and reaches 0% at 00:15.
    • Effectively, this means the time range is roughly 23:30-00:15.



Tags (in the context of the cooking subsystem) are exactly the same thing as regular actor tags (see bxml). However, they are stored as CRC32 hashes in the configuration file.


This resource is found in Bootup.pack.

Its canonical resource path is "Cooking/CookData.byml".

CookData.byml is the configuration file for the CookingMgr (which implements cooking functionality).