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This directory is found in the unpacked content files. Its canonical path is "Pack".

If the DLC is installed, this directory can be found in the unpacked content files in the add-on content directory. Its canonical path is "Pack".

Pack contains SARC archives with the .pack extension. Essential packs like TitleBG and Bootup are stored there.


Note: Pack packs are not listed in the resource size table. However, files that are packed in Pack packs are usually listed.


These packs are loaded — as indicated by their names — when the game starts.


  • Dungeon packs such as Dungeon000.pack, RemainsWind.pack and also FinalTrial.pack (DLC only)


These packs are loaded when the game starts and stay loaded in memory even after the app has finished initialising.


The following pack contains UI files (layouts, animations and images) for the Title stage, i.e. the title screen.