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This file is not listed in the game's resource size table.

ActorInfo.product.sbyml (found in the Actor directory) is a Yaz0-compressed BYML file which contains general information about all actors in the game. It is used when constructing actors, and also used to access actor data efficiently when loading the full actor pack is unnecessary (e.g. on menu screens). Therefore, in order to add new actors, or to change items' parameters on menu screens, this file must be edited.

ActorInfo is a machine generated file. It is not meant to be edited directly; much of the information it includes are either automatically generated or copied from ActorParam files (which can be found in the game content) and other source-only files.



Actors is an array of dictionaries. It must be sorted in the same order as the Hashes section.

Each actor has its own entry in this array, which must have the following properties:

Key Type Description
bugMask int Affects the ActorDebug interface and probably more things in debug builds.
  • & 2: アクターサウンドバグ ("Actor sound bug")[1]
  • & 1: アクター挙動バグ ("Actor behavior bug")[2]
instSize int Size of the memory heap that will be allocated for an actor instance — if too low, may cause unexpected crashes
name str Actor name
profile str Profile name (see ActorTemplate)
sortKey int Determines the order of the actor in the Picture Book (0 if not needed)
tags dict A dictionary with entries of the form (key=tag%08x, value=crc32_hash) where %08x is the hex representation of the CRC32 hash of the tag name. The value is an unsigned int if it is greater than 0x80000000 and a regular int otherwise.
yLimitAlgorithm str See blifecondition. This might not be a required entry. [check]


Hashes is an array of CRC32 hashes of actor names.

This array must be sorted because ActorInfoData performs a binary search on this array to find actor entries efficiently. As a direct consequence the actor array must be sorted according to the CRC32 hashes of the actor names.

Similar to tag values, each number is stored as an unsigned int if it is greater than 0x80000000 and as a signed int otherwise.

  1. 0x7100D26480 [nx-1.5.0 executable]
  2. 0x7100D26534 [nx-1.5.0 executable]