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  • 奈落開始待ち means (roughly) 'wait for abyss start' (深淵、開始、等待). It is the name of the AIDef:Action/PlayerHellStartWait action for the Player_Link aiprog.
  • sIsDungeon is set when GameScene generates a stage. It is false if and only if:
    • the map type isn't any of the following type: MarioClubTestDungeon (蛤?), CDungeon 神廟裡, MainFieldDungeon 神獸裡
    • and (the map type isn't GameTestDungeon) or the map name is ActorViewer or in debug mode[check].
  • 總地來說,遊戲在滿足下列條件時會把林克抓到 (-1021, 253, 1792):一除錯模式沒開、二林克沒有滑翔傘、三林克出現在這個長方形外: