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A few notes:

  • 奈落開始待ち means (roughly) 'wait for abyss start'. It is the name of the AIDef:Action/PlayerHellStartWait action for the Player_Link aiprog.
  • sIsDungeon is set when GameScene generates a stage. It is false if and only if:
    • the map type isn't any of the following type: MarioClubTestDungeon, CDungeon, MainFieldDungeon
    • and (the map type isn't GameTestDungeon) or the map name is ActorViewer or in debug mode[check].
  • Essentially, what this piece of code does is force Link to void out if (a) debug flags aren't set, (b) he doesn't have the paraglider, (c) Link is not within the bounds of the following rectangle: