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BotW can store up to 9 save states per profile, 6 for normal mode (1 manual save and 5 autosaves) and 2 for master mode (1 manual save and 1 autosave).

Folder Structure

The content of the save folder is structured as following:


The numbered folders each represent one save state.


option.sav contains the settings set in the options menu (inverted camera, stick sensitivity etc.).


The album folder contains one JPG file for each entry in the in-game album, numbered in the order they were taken.

Hyrule Compendium

Each JPG file in the pict_book folder corresponds to one entry in the Hyrule Compendium. The name of each file is the internal name of the given item, weapon or animal. Do note that the compendium is not directly tied to a specific save state, meaning the images are shared between all saves.

Save State

Each save state contains 3 files:

  • caption.jpg A screenshot taken at the time of saving.
  • caption.sav Contains a small amount of data for each save that is displayed in the save select screen (e.g. time and location).
  • game_data.sav The data for each save state.

.sav Folder Format

All data in these files is stored as little endian on Switch and as big endian ion Wii U.

A save file (with the exception of files in the tracker folder) starts with the following header:

Offset Size Description
0x00 4 version: Version of the game that created the save file.
0x04 4 marker: Always 0xFFFFFFFF.
0x08 4 unknown: Always 0x1.


Game version Save version
1.0.0 0x24E2
1.1.0 0x24EE
1.2.0 0x2588
1.3.0 0x29C0
1.3.1 0x2A46
1.3.3 0x3EF8
1.3.4 0x3EF9
1.4.0 0x471A
1.4.1 0x471A
1.5.0 0x471B
1.6.0 0x471E

The data after the header is comprised of 8-byte chunks:

Offset Size Description
0x00 4 id: ID of the data being stored
0x04 4 value

In Pack/Bootup.pack/GameData/savedataformat.ssarc/saveformat_*.bgsvdata the game stores a mapping for each ID to the corresponding entry name. This name is then further defined in one of the files in Pack/Bootup.pack/GameData/gamedata.ssarc/*, depending on its data type.

Strings are stored with the maximum possible number of characters (e.q. 256 characters for strings defined in string256_data_0.bgdata) and are broken up into 4-byte parts. These are then stored in sequential chunks with the ID repeating for each chunk.

For arrays the data is also stored in sequential chunks, each with an identical ID. The horse names for example will take up 96 chunk with the ID 0x7B74E117 in the save file, 6 names with 16 chunks (= 64 characters) for each name.