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In Breath of the Wild, champion abilities are the four key items and abilities granted to Link after completing Divine Beasts.


The key items are referred to as "HeroSoul" and the abilities as "{Wind|Fire|Electric|Water}Support"[1].

Ability Key item name Key item name (Plus version) Spawned actor when activating ability
Revali's Gale Obj_HeroSoul_Rito Obj_DLC_HeroSoul_Rito Dm_Npc_Rito_HeroSoul_Kago
Mipha's Grace Obj_HeroSoul_Zora Obj_DLC_HeroSoul_Zora Dm_Npc_Zora_HeroSoul_Kago
Urbosa's Fury Obj_HeroSoul_Gerudo Obj_DLC_HeroSoul_Gerudo Dm_Npc_Gerudo_HeroSoul_Kago
Daruk's Protection Obj_HeroSoul_Goron Obj_DLC_HeroSoul_Goron Dm_Npc_Goron_HeroSoul_Kago

Cooldown timers

Cooldown durations for the abilities are configured in Link's bgparamlist > Player section, using the following keys: WindSupportReuseTime, WaterSupportReuseTime, FireSupportReuseTime, ElectricSupportReuseTime

Cooldown timer rates (the value which is subtracted to the timer every real-life second) are also configured in the same GeneralParamList, with the following extra considerations:

  • The timer rate is hardcoded to be 1.0 in Player code[2] if the player is not in Hyrule Castle[3]. Otherwise, the GeneralParamList value is used.
  • [1.4.0+] The timer rate is hardcoded to be 3.0 in Player code if the player has the DLC-only "+" variant of an ability[4], and 9.0 if the player is in Hyrule Castle and has the "+" variant.
Summary: Effective timer rates
Not in Hyrule Castle In Hyrule Castle
Ability 1.0 GeneralParamList value (normally 3.0)
Ability+ 3.0 9.0


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  3. The Player code checks the IsInHyruleCastleArea flag to determine whether the player is in Hyrule Castle.
  4. For example, for Revali's Gale+, the Player code checks whether the IsGet_DLC_HeroSoul_Rito flag is set and whether DLC v3.0 is active (by checking aocManager).