Binary loop asset list

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A binary loop asset list (blal) contains a list of looping audio resource names[check]. It is read by the aal library[1] and queried by XLink[2].


Offset Type Description
0x0 char[4] Magic ("BLAL")
0x4 u16 Byte-order mark
0x6 u8 Unknown (unused) [check]
0x8 u32 Number of entries (num_entries)
0xc u32[num_entries] Array of CRC32 hashes of asset names

Usage in Breath of the Wild


This resource is found in Bootup.pack.

Its canonical resource path is "Sound/LoopAssetList.blal".

A standard loop asset list can be found in Sound/. It is loaded in Sound::init (called from ksys::InitializeApp) and afterwards only used indirectly by SoundLink.

  1. aal::LoopAssetListReader
  2. xlink2::UserResourceSLink::solveIsLoop_