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Format AAMP
Version 0
Type xml
This article is about the structure in general. For actual values, check the GameROM or the pseudo-source.

bdemo files are AAMP files that describe non-prerendered demos.

Parameter objects


Key Type Description
Folder str256 Demo group (used for development)
Location vec3
Radius float
3188831397 float (unused)
Weather str32
Time float
StartType str32
Extension str32
DispName str256 Demo name (in Japanese)
MapProjectName str32
NoEntryActors str32
SaveType str32
Progress str32
ProductFormat str32
NextDemo str32
IsStartupDemo bool
IsFlashbackDemo bool
MapResourceName str64
IsOverwritePlayerPos bool
OverwritePlayerPos vec3
231343746 bool (unused)
3281545901 float (unused)
2320832835 bool (unused)
1033616846 bool (unused)
IsStopChemical bool
IsMovePlayerEndPos bool
PlayerEndPos vec3
StartLocationType str32
EventMode str32
WithTransAnimation bool
3082125490 bool (unused)
349946348 bool (unused)
OverwritePlayerRotY float
PlayerEndRotY float
StartLocationRotY float
StartPosName str64
SkipPolicy str32
TraverseLimit float
ForceEnableIK bool
TraverseType str64
TraversePos vec3
EndPosName str64
IsUseNakedSound bool
131775973 int (unused)
WaitFrame int
3497129326 str256 (unused)
WaitLoadActorNames str256
WorldMuteType str32
BgmStopType str32
2086845777 str256 (unused)
3835969064 bool (unused)
382873353 int (unused)
602287219 str256 (unused)
HideActors str256
DisableFarActors str256
TraverseMergePolicy str32
HighPriorityActors str256
TraverseCutPos vec3
TraverseCutRadius float
TraverseInnerCutPos1 vec3
TraverseInnerCutRadius1 float
TraverseInnerCutPos2 vec3
TraverseInnerCutRadius2 float
DisableTraverseTime int


Used to keep track of progress during development. Nintendo themselves have stopped using this at some point since DLC2 demos have all properties set to false.

Key Type Description
VoiceComplete bool Whether the voice acting is complete
SEComplete bool
BgmComplete bool Whether the background music is complete
EffectComplete bool Whether effects are complete
EnvComplete bool Whether the environment is complete
FinalComplete bool


Unused in the release version.

Key Type Description
3270050415 str64 (unused)
489896340 str64 (unused)

Parameter lists