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Format AAMP
Version 0
This article is about the structure in general. For actual values, check the GameROM or the pseudo-source.

ActorCapture (bactcapt) was used to get screen captures[check] of actors in specific states and with a specific environment (lighting and camera). ActorCapture files are entirely missing in release versions; however ActorCaptureMgr code is still present in the executable[1], making it possible to see the exact contents of bactcapts.

Parameter objects


Key Type Description Official description
pos vec3 Camera position カメラ位置
at vec3 Point the camera should look at カメラ注視点
fovy float Camera Field of View Y (angle) カメラ画角
twist float Camera twist カメラひねり


Key Type Description Official description
pos vec3 Actor position アクタ位置
rotate vec3 Actor rotate アクタRotate
as_name str32 Name of AS to apply 適用するASのKey名
apply_skl_anim bool Search and apply skeletal animation directly スケルタルアニメを検索して直接適用する
as_frame float AS frame ・ Elapsed time specification ASのフレーム・経過時間指定
adjust_bounding bool Adjust position based on bounding バウンディングを元に位置を調整する
force_idle bool Force idle 強制待機
disable_cloth bool Disable cloth クロスを切る


Key Type Description Official description
dir vec3 Light direction ライト方向
  1. 0x7101088D44 in Switch 1.5.0