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Format AAMP
Version 0
Type xml
This article is about the structure in general. For actual values, check the GameROM or the pseudo-source.

Recipe (brecipe) configures item crafting. (It has nothing to do with cooking recipes.) Recipes are used for armor upgrades, ancient weapons that can be bought[check] and for making elemental arrows, the latter of which is a scrapped idea[1].

Parameter objects


Key Type Description
TableNum int Number of tables
Table%02d str64 Name of the N-th table; usually "Normal0"


Key Type Description
ColumnNum int Number of items
ItemName%02d str64 Actor name of the N-th required ingredient
ItemNum%02d int Required count for the N-th ingredient
  1. See Actor/Recipe/Obj_ElectricArrow_A_02.brecipe and related files