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AI definition
Type Action

Changes the active stage to the TitleStage (see GameScene).

If in demo mode, quick_exit() is called to exit the entire app immediately. Otherwise:

  • If ShowLogo is 1, createTitleStageBinder (0x71007B8BEC) is called with parameters (false, false).
  • If ShowLogo is 0, createTitleStageBinder(false, true)
  • In all other cases, the current event flow name is requested from EventMgr (for unused debug code) before calling createTitleStageBinder(false, true)

Used by Demo006_0 (Game Over demo) and Demo985_0 (E3 Thanks screen demo).


Name Type Default value Description
ShowLogo Int 0 or 1 (and other truthy values? [check])

Derived definitions

Demo_ExitGame (EventSystemActor)

No overridden parameters.