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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
latSlow Float
latFast Float
latControlRangeUp Float
latControlRangeDown Float
latCus Float
lngControlRange Float
lngCus Float
radiusSlow Float
radiusFast Float
radiusCus Float
worldBaseOffset Vec3
playerBaseOffset Vec3
atHCus Float
atVCus Float
fovySlow Float
fovyFast Float
fovyCus Float
startCus Float
speedMin Float
speedMax Float
BowFlag Bool

Derived definitions

乗り物ではない (GameRomCamera, 馬空注目カメラ)

Name Value
latSlow 15.0
latFast 10.0
latControlRangeUp 30.0
latControlRangeDown 5.0
latCus 0.02
lngControlRange 10.26
lngCus 0.3
radiusSlow 4.5
radiusFast 5.5
radiusCus 0.05
worldBaseOffset Vec3(x=0.0, y=2.0, z=0.0)
playerBaseOffset Vec3(x=0.0, y=0.0, z=0.0)
atHCus 0.5
atVCus 0.1
fovySlow 0.959931
fovyFast 1.16937
fovyCus 0.05
startCus 0.4
speedMin 0.0740741
speedMax 0.555556
BowFlag False