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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
LatMin Float
LatMax Float
LatStickScale Float
LngStickScale Float
DistanceMin Float
DistanceMax Float
RadiusNear Float
RadiusFar Float
FovyNear Float
FovyFar Float
Connect Float
SavePoint Int
NotifyDemoCamera2Sound Int
BowFlag Bool


Name Type Default value Description
Return Bool
NoConnect Bool
Count Float
HeightOffset Float

Derived definitions

マニュアル (GameRomCamera, 会話)

Name Value
LatMin -40.0
LatMax 60.0
LatStickScale 1.0
LngStickScale 1.0
DistanceMin 0.5
DistanceMax 3.5
RadiusNear 4.0
RadiusFar 5.0
FovyNear 0.698132
FovyFar 0.698132
Connect 1.0
SavePoint 0
NotifyDemoCamera2Sound 1
BowFlag False