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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
BaseMode Int
Pattern1Use Bool
NotifyDemoCamera2Sound Int
BowFlag Bool


Name Type Default value Description
TargetActor1 Int
ActorName1 String
UniqueName1 String
TargetActor2 Int
ActorName2 String
UniqueName2 String
PosAppendMode Int
Pattern1PosX Float
Pattern1PosY Float
Pattern1PosZ Float
GameDataVec3fCameraPos String
AtAppendMode Int
Pattern1AtX Float
Pattern1AtY Float
Pattern1AtZ Float
GameDataVec3fCameraAt String
FovyAppendMode Int
Pattern1Fovy Float
StartCalcOnly Bool
MotionMode Int
Count Float
Cushion Float
CollisionInterpolateSkip Bool
Accept1FrameDelay Bool
ReviseModeEnd Int
LatShiftRange Float
LngShiftRange Float
ActorIgnoringCollision Int

Derived definitions

Demo_MovePosFlow (GameRomCamera)

Name Value
BaseMode 0
Pattern1Use True
NotifyDemoCamera2Sound 1
BowFlag False