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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
NotifyDemoCamera2Sound Int
BowFlag Bool


Name Type Default value Description
TargetActor Int
ActorName String
UniqueName String
TargetActorPosReferenceMode Int
TargetActorDirReferenceMode Int
Accept1FrameDelay Bool
SceneName String
CameraName String
StartFrame Float
EndFrame Float
DOFUse Bool
DOFStartFrame Float
FocalLength Float
Aperture Float
DOFBlurStart Float
DOFEndFrame Float
FocalLengthEnd Float
ApertureEnd Float
DOFBlurEnd Float
OverwriteAt Bool
OverwriteAtDist Float
InterpolateCount Float
BgCheck Bool

Derived definitions

Demo_CameraAnimFlow (GameRomCamera)

Name Value
NotifyDemoCamera2Sound 1
BowFlag False