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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
Gravity Float
FloatWaveCycle Float
FloatWaveWidth Float
FloatHeight Float
FloatSpring Float
FloatDamper Float
FallBrakeHeight Float
FallBrake Float
TailEffectKeyName String
InitRotate Vec3
RotateSpeed Vec3
AttractionRange Float
AttractionRate Float
ASName String
IsIgnoreSame Bool
TargetIdx Int
SeqBankIdx Int

Derived definitions

待機 (BrightBow, 消滅)

Name Value
Gravity 0.1
FloatWaveCycle 0.05
FloatWaveWidth 0.2
FloatHeight 2.6
FloatSpring 10.0
FloatDamper 200.0
FallBrakeHeight 8.0
FallBrake 150.0
TailEffectKeyName BrightBowDrop
InitRotate Vec3(x=-1.5932129621505737, y=0.8827739953994751, z=0.5857279896736145)
RotateSpeed Vec3(x=0.0, y=1.7453292608261108, z=0.0)
AttractionRange 4.0
AttractionRate 0.1
ASName Null
IsIgnoreSame False
TargetIdx 0
SeqBankIdx 0