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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
MoveSpeed Float
MoveHeight Float
WaitTime Float
MoveCountNum Float
MoveRange Float
MoveOffsetBase Float
RotateRate Float
RotateStepMax Float
AngleToTarget Float
RainMax Int
TargetOffsetBase Float
RainScale Float
ToTargetTime Float


Name Type Default value Description
ID Int
TargetPos Vec3
ParentActor Actor
XRotateAngle Float
MoveTargetPos Vec3
IsIgnoreHightOffset Bool

Derived definitions

天空弾 (SiteBossBowChildDevice, 通常)

Name Value
MoveSpeed 0.6
MoveHeight 30.0
WaitTime 15.0
MoveCountNum 1.0
MoveRange 4.0
MoveOffsetBase 18.0
RotateRate 0.03
RotateStepMax 0.33
AngleToTarget -0.872665
RainMax 4
TargetOffsetBase 6.0
RainScale 2.0
ToTargetTime 30.0