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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
IsFlyingBalloon Bool False
BalloonHungActorBaseProcID Int -1


Name Type Default value Description
RopeHungActOffset Vec3 [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]


Name Type Default value Description
Length Float
RopeActorName String
UpLimitSpeed Float
MaxAccel Float
MassScale Float
IsChaseInitHeight Bool
HeightLimit Float
BreakTimer Float
WindAccScale Float
WindSpdScale Float
StayAccScale Float
ReturnToOriginalPos Bool
ReturnStrengthFactor Float
RemainsHeightLimit Float

Derived definitions

Root (BalloonB)

Name Value
Length 1.5
RopeActorName Rope
UpLimitSpeed 0.1
MaxAccel 0.1
MassScale 0.945
IsChaseInitHeight True
HeightLimit 1100.0
BreakTimer -1.0
WindAccScale 0.05
WindSpdScale 1.0
StayAccScale 1.1
ReturnToOriginalPos False
ReturnStrengthFactor 0.0
RemainsHeightLimit 200.0