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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
Shape String Sphere
HideOutSide Bool True
HideRoomNum Int -1
MarginSize Float -1.0
CalcMarginXPlus Float -1.0
CalcMarginXMinus Float -1.0
CalcMarginYPlus Float -1.0
CalcMarginYMinus Float -1.0
CalcMarginZPlus Float -1.0
CalcMarginZMinus Float -1.0
LoadMarginXPlus Float -1.0
LoadMarginXMinus Float -1.0
LoadMarginYPlus Float -1.0
LoadMarginYMinus Float -1.0
LoadMarginZPlus Float -1.0
LoadMarginZMinus Float -1.0
IsConnectNeighborArea Bool True
CullingOption Int 0

Derived definitions

Root (AreaCulling)

No overridden parameters.