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baslist files are AAMP files containing information about an actor's animations. The name baslist stands for Binary Animation Sequence List. There can be only one baslist file per actor.


Each baslist file is made up of three lists. These lists are named AddReses, ASDefines, and CFDefines.


The AddReses list tells the game what BFRES files the actor should search in to find animation files. For example, in Player.baslist, one of the BFRES files listed is Player_Animation. The game will search for a file named Player_Animation.sbfres in the Model folder. Note that the file extension is not included. If an animation BFRES is missing, the game will get stuck on the loading screen. AddReses lists are in numerical order, starting at AddRes_0, then AddRes_1, and so on.


The ASDefines list tells the game all the animations an actor can use. Each ASDefine entry is essentially a redirect, allowing the game to play an animation by calling a simpler, shorter alias (For example, Brake runs the script Player_Link_Brake.bas). Like the AddReses list, these are in numerical order, going from ASDefine_0 to ASDefine_1, and so on. Each ASDefine object has a Name field, and a Filename field. The name field is the name by which eventflows, demos, and AIs will call the animation. The Filename field is the bas file to be played (from Actor/AS), again without the file extension.


There is a corresponding CFDefine entry for each ASDefine entry. Unsure of purpose right now, page to be updated later.