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Breath of the Wild sends a significant amount of telemetry reports about in-game events and usage patterns.

On Switch

On the Nintendo Switch, the prepo system service is used to save these reports.

Common report fields

Version info

  • RomVer (game version)
  • AocVer (DLC version)

Map info

  • IsHardMode
  • MapType: MainField, AocField, CDungeon, MainFieldDungeon

Play times

  • PlayTime (play time since game init)
  • AllPlayTime (cumulated play time)


  • PosX
  • PosZ 


  • korok: whenever a hidden Korok appears. Includes: Korok ID, map info, play times, position
  • dungeon: when you enter a dungeon or divine beast or the Final Trial, leave it, or complete it. Includes: map info, dungeon name, event, play times
  • challenge: quest event. Includes: map info, Id, Name, Step, StepName, play times
  • gameover: obvious. Includes: map info, reason (e.g. lightning), Killer (the name of the actor that killed you), play times, position, CRC32 of map name
  • bloodymoon: includes version info, map info, Reason, RomWorkTime, SceneWorkTime, map name, play times, position
  • getitem: includes map info, CRC32 of the item name, position, play times
  • options: Reports a bunch of misc things. BalloonTextOnOff, AutoSaveOnOff, options like CameraUpDownReverse, jump button change, whether you're playing in docked mode, ControllerType, PlayTimeHandheld, PlayTimeConsole, PlayTimeAll, audio mode (stereo, mono, surround), etc.

emergencyheap: whenever a memory allocation is made using an emergency heap. Includes: version info, heap name, play times, position

Debug reports

Debug versions send additional play reports for many common in-game events, such as enemy kills, inventory items the player receives or uses, etc.

On Wii U

It is unknown whether the Wii U version includes telemetry code or not.