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ResidentEvent.byml is a file that lists all the entry points for event flows found within TitleBG, including DLC and common Demo flows.

Entry File
Demo103_0 SDemo_D-6
Demo103_0 Demo103_0
Demo002_0 Demo002_0
Demo002_1 Demo002_0
GetAnotherInnerItem Demo002_0
GetAnotherInnerItemPouchFull Demo002_0
Check100EnemyRun AocResident
CheckAoc1TreasureRun AocResident
100EnemyWarpReset AocResident
CheckBalladOfHeroRun Aoc2Resident
CheckAoc2TreasureRun Aoc2Resident
CheckDeadlyQuestEscape Aoc2Resident
InOtherArea Aoc2Resident
InShrineOfResurrection Aoc2Resident
InForrest Aoc2Resident
Demo006_0 Demo006_0
Demo011_0 Demo011_0
Demo000_0 Demo000_0
Demo000_2 Demo000_2
Demo042_0 Demo042_0
Demo042_1 Demo042_1
Demo010_0 Demo010_0
Demo010_1 Demo010_1
Demo001_0 Demo001_0
Demo008_1 Demo008_1
Demo008_3 Demo008_3
Demo048_0 Demo048_0
Demo048_1 Demo048_1
HiddenKorok_Ground Demo017_0
HiddenKorok_Air Demo017_0
HiddenKorok_Ground_Lift Demo017_0
HiddenKorok_Air_Lift Demo017_0
Demo007_1 Demo007_1
Demo005_0 Demo005_0
Demo025_0 Demo025_0