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Author(s) leoetlino
Source code
License GPLv2+
Written in Python
Platform support Cross-platform

aamp is an AAMP tool. It can convert documents from AAMP to a human readable format (YAML) and vice versa. It is a newer tool that was written based on analysis of the official AAMP code in the executable.


Install the aamp package. [CLI help]


  • To convert an AAMP file to text (YML): aamp_to_yml INPUT_FILE.bxml OUTPUT_FILE.yml [help]
  • To convert back to binary format (AAMP): yml_to_aamp INPUT_FILE.yml OUTPUT_FILE.bgparamlist [help]
  • or alternatively, the same command can be used to convert from AAMP to YAML and vice versa: aamp INPUT_FILE OUTPUT_FILE [help]

Known issues

  • Incomplete parameter type support: Esoteric parameter types (buffers) are not fully supported: currently the tool can display files that use buffers correctly but cannot convert them back to AAMP.