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Height map of Hyrule Main Field
Height map of Hyrule Main Field

hght files describe the heightmap of the main field and add-on content field.

HGHT File Specification

hght files contain no header or signature.

hght File Layout

hght files only contain a table of height data. There are 65,536 (256×256) unsigned short entries in the table.

Each file describes a 256×256 mesh tile. Each tile has placement data found in MainField.tscb.

Height Map Data

Each entry in the table maps to an x, y and z component. The height or y component of each vertex is the value read the from the file.

Offset (h) Size Data Type Description
0x00 2 Unsigned Short Vertex y component

x and z[1] can be calculated, while iterating through the data table:

1for (int index = 0; index < 256 * 256; index++) {
2    uint x = index % 256;
3    uint z = index / 256;
  1. `z` is expected to be an integer quotient. The `floor` function can be used if integer division is not supported.