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Format AAMP
Version 0
Type xml
This article is about the structure in general. For actual values, check the GameROM or the pseudo-source.

DamageParam (bdmgparam) configures how much damage an actor takes in various cases.



Name Description
Sword One-handed sword
LargeSword Two-handed sword
Spear Spear
Arrow Arrow
Bomb Remote bomb [check]
Body ? [check]
Ancient ? [check]
ShockWave ? [check]
Impulse Impact forces
GanonBeam ? [check]


Name Description


Name Value Description
即死 0x1e Instant death
吹っ飛び 0x16 Blow away
大ダメージ 0x15 Large damage
中ダメージ 0x11 Medium damage
通常ダメージ 0xf Normal damage
小ダメージ 5 Small damage
無反応 2 No reaction
完全無反応 1 No reaction at all

Parameter objects


Parameter lists


Parameter objects

Key Type Description
Key str Damage reaction type (Basic, Tree, Tuta, Rope, Fish, Material, Npc, Ground, Golem, ReflectableBullet, Dummy)
Key Type Description
(#DamageSource) float Damage multiplier for a given damage source
Key Type Description
(#DamageSource)-(#DamageSize) #DamageReaction (str32) Reaction
Key Type Description Official description
Breakable bool xxx 壊れるかどうか(AI無しで破壊エフェクト・消滅挙動を行う)
HammerAffect bool Instant death when attacked by a weapon with the Hammer attribute ハンマーが有効かどうか(ハンマー属性にチェックを入れた武器で攻撃されると即死する)
WeakBreakerAffect bool xxx Objを一撃破壊しない武器設定が有効か
ChemicalAttackAffect bool Receives additional damage from chemical attacks (e.g. rod balls) ケミカルAtによる追加ダメージを受けるか(Ex:ロッドの玉)
SpAffectRatio float xxx 特効ダメージ倍率(武器倍率と掛け算される)
SpAffectDamage int xxx 特効ダメージ加算値(ダメージ計算後に加算される)
VanishAffect bool Is affected by ancient arrows 消滅攻撃有効(Ex:古代の矢)
IsCriticalBlowOff bool xxx クリティカルで吹き飛ぶ
IsAcceptAtkImpulse bool Receives damage from impact forces (e.g. Bokoblin stones) 攻撃的衝撃力を受けるかどうか(Ex:ボコブリンの石)
IsCommonCalcImpuleDamage bool Automatic calculation of impact damage (ImpulseDamageTable is effective only when Off) 衝撃力ダメージを自動計算する(Offの場合のみImpulseDamageTableが有効になります)
IsHeavyBreak bool xxx 巨体属性でへし折れる
ImpulseThresholdLv0 float Small impact force threshold  (Small)衝撃力ダメージ閾値
ImpulseDamageLv0 float Damage dealt by small impact forces (Small)衝撃力ダメージ値
ImpulseThresholdLv1 float Medium impact force threshold (Middle)衝撃力ダメージ閾値
ImpulseDamageLv1 float Damage dealt by medium impact forces (Middle)衝撃力ダメージ値
ImpulseThresholdLv2 float Large impact force threshold (Large)衝撃力ダメージ閾値
ImpulseDamageLv2 float Damage dealt by large impact forces (Large)衝撃力ダメージ値
ImpulseThresholdLv3 float Huge impact force threshold (Huge)衝撃力ダメージ閾値
ImpulseDamageLv3 float Damage dealt by huge impact forces (Huge)衝撃力ダメージ値
ImpulseThresholdLv4 float Lethal impact force threshold (即死)衝撃力ダメージ閾値
FallDamageStartHeight float Min height for receiving fall damage 落下ダメージ開始高さ
FallDamageMin int Minimum fall damage 落下ダメージ最低値
FallDamagePerMeter float Fall damage/meter 1mあたりの加算落下ダメージ量
FallDamageHighStart float Min height for receiving strong fall damage 強落下ダメージ開始高さ(-1で無効)
FallDamageHighPerMeter int Strong fall damage/meter 強落下時1mあたりの加算落下ダメージ量
FallDamageNoWaterDepth float Min water depth for avoiding fall damage 落下ダメージ受けない水深
WeakPointBone str Weak point bone (leave empty for the model origin to be used) 弱手ボーン名(空白だとモデル原点)
WeakPointCalcArea float Weak point calc area (0 to disable) 弱点判定エリア(弱点不要アクターはここを0に)
WeakPointCalcOffset vec3 xxx 弱手判定エリアの指定ボーンからのオフセット(ローカル座標系)
WeakPointArea float xxx 弱点エリア
WeakPointOffset vec3 xxx 弱点エリアの指定ボーンからのオフセット(ローカル座標系)
WeakPointRatio float Damage multiplier when weak point is hit 弱点ダメージ倍率
WeakPointNoUIFlag bool Do not show explanation in UI when weak point is hit ヒット時説明UIを出さない
WeakPointBone2 str xxx 弱手ボーン名(空白だとモデル原点)
WeakPointCalcArea2 float xxx 弱点判定エリア(弱点不要アクターはここを0に)
WeakPointCalcOffset2 vec3 xxx 弱手判定エリアの指定ボーンからのオフセット(ローカル座標系)
WeakPointArea2 float xxx 弱点エリア
WeakPointOffset2 vec3 xxx 弱点エリアの指定ボーンからのオフセット(ローカル座標系)
WeakPointRatio2 float xxx 弱点ダメージ倍率
WeakPointNoUIFlag2 bool xxx ヒット時説明UIを出さない
SillentKillMultRatio float Damage multiplier for sneak strikes 奇襲ダメージ乗算倍率
SillentKillAddDamage int Additional damage for sneak strikes 奇襲ダメージ加算値
IsDeadBurnout bool xxx 燃え尽きでライフ0
IsMetamorBurnout bool Actor changes on burnout 燃え尽きでアクタ変化
IsMatamorFromTg bool Actor changes on burnout from fire sword 炎剣で切っても変化する
Burnable bool Can be burned 燃え状態有効
BurnDamage int Level 1 burn damage (-1 to disable) 燃えダメージLv1(-1でダメージ受けない)
BurnDamage2 int Level 2 burn damage (same as Lv1 if -1) 燃えダメージLv2(-1でLv1と同じ)
BurnDamage3 int Level 3 burn damage (same as Lv2 if -1) 燃えダメージLv3(-1でLv2と同じ)
BurnDamage4 int Level 4 burn damage (same as Lv3 if -1) 燃えダメージLv4(-1でLv3と同じ)
BurnDamage5 int Level 5 burn damage (same as Lv4 if -1) 燃えダメージLv5(-1でLv4と同じ)
BurnTime int Burn duration 燃え時間
BurnDamageInterval int Receive burn damage every N frames when on fire (-1 to disable) [火に接触時]燃えダメージ間隔(-1で無し)
BurnContinuousDamage int Periodic burn damage value when on fire [火に接触時]燃え継続ダメージ
BurnCritical bool xxx 火異常がクリティカル扱いか
ProofBurnAtSmallDamage bool xxx 火弾無効時小ダメージアクションをとるか
IsDeadIce bool xxx 凍結でライフ0
IsMetamorIce bool Actor changes when frozen 凍結でアクタ変化
Iceable bool Can be frozen 凍結状態有効
IceDamage int Freeze damage 凍結ダメージ
IceTime int Freeze duration (in frames) 凍結時間(f)
IceBreakableByAtk bool Can be unfrozen by attacks 凍結時攻撃で割れるか
IceBreakDamageRatio float Damage multiplier when unfrozen by attack 凍結破壊ダメージ倍率
IceCritical bool xxx 凍結異常がクリティカル扱いか(濡れたら死ぬようになります)
ProofIceAtSmallDamage bool xxx 冷凍弾無効時小ダメージアクションをとるか
IsDeadElectric bool xxx 帯電でライフ0
IsMetamorElectric bool Actor changes when shocked 帯電でアクタ変化
Electricable bool Can be shocked 痺れ状態有効
ElectricDamage int Shock damage 痺れダメージ
ElectricTime int Shock effect duration (in frames) 痺れ時間(f)
ElecCancelableByAtk bool Whether shock effect is cancelled by attacks 痺れ時攻撃でキャンセルされるか
ProofElecAtSmallDamage bool xxx 電気弾無効時小ダメージアクションをとるか
WetAffect bool Can become wet (Note: This parameter's official description is misleading. If WetAffect is true, the actor instantly dies on contact with deep water.) 濡れ有効
LightningAffect bool Is affected by lightning 落雷有効
LightningDamage int Lightning damage 落雷ダメージ
GerudoHeroAffect bool Is affected by Urbosa's Fury 英傑加護(雷)有効
GerudoHeroDamage int Urbosa's Fury damage 英傑加護(雷)ダメージ
GerudoHeroTime int Urbosa's Fury shock effect duration (blow off when 0) 英傑加護(雷)痺れ時間(0だと吹っ飛び)
GustAffect bool Is affected by gusts of wind 突風有効
DrownHeight float Water depth before drowning (-1 to disable) 溺れる水深(-1で溺れない)
DrownDamage int Drown damage (0 for special cases) 溺れた瞬間に食らうダメージ(特殊な場合を除き0でいい)
ColdWaterFrozenTime int xxx 冷たい水地形で凍結する時間
ColdWaterAffect bool Is affected by freezing water 冷たい水地形でダメージ有
ColdWaterDamage int Damage when in freezing water  冷たい水ダメージ値
ColdWaterDamageInterval int Receive damage every N frames when in freezing water 冷たい水ダメージ最浅間隔
ColdWaterDamageStartDepth float Depth threshold for freezing water 冷たい水ダメージ最浅閾値
ColdWaterDamageIntervalDeep int Receive damage every N frames when in deep freezing water (-1 to disable) 冷たい水ダメージ最深間隔(-1なら使わない)
ColdWaterDamageDeepDepth float Depth threshold for deep freezing water (-1 to disable) 冷たい水ダメージ最深閾値(-1で最深間隔は使わない)
HotWaterBoiledTime int Time in frames to boil (-1 to disable, if enabled please disable the below settings) 熱湯地形で茹であがる時間(-1で無効,有効にする場合は以下は無効設定にして下さい)
HotWaterHealAffect bool Heals when in hot water 温泉地形で影響有
HotWaterHeal int Hot water heal value 温泉回復値
HotWaterHealInterval int Recover health every N frames when in hot water 温泉影響最浅間隔
HotWaterHealStartDepth float Depth threshold for hot water 温泉影響最浅閾値
HotWaterHealIntervalDeep int Recover health every N frames when in deep hot water (-1 to disable)  温泉影響最深間隔(-1なら使わない)
HotWaterHealDeepDepth float Depth threshold for deep hot water 温泉影響最深閾値(-1で最深間隔は使わない)
HotWaterChemCrit bool xxx 温泉入るとケミカルクリティカル
PoisonBogAffect bool Is affected by poison swamp terrain 毒沼地形でダメージ有
PoisonBogDamage int Poison damage 毒沼ダメージ値
PoisonBogDamageInterval int Receive poison damage every N frames 毒沼ダメージ間隔
LavaAffect bool Is affected by lava terrain 溶岩地形でダメージ有
LavaDamage int Lava damage 溶岩ダメージ値
LavaDamageInterval int Receive lava damage every N frames 溶岩ダメージ間隔
LavaDeepDepth float Depth threshold for deep lava 深い溶岩閾値
LavaDeepDamage int Deep lava damage 深い溶岩ダメージ値
CurseAffect bool Receives malice damage 怨念ダメージ状態有効
CurseDamage int Malice damage 怨念ダメージ
CurseInterval int Receive malice damage every N frames (-1 to disable) 怨念ダメージ間隔(-1で無し)
CurseContinuousDamage int xxx 怨念継続ダメージ
HeavySnowColdTime int Freeze duration when it's snowing heavily (-1 to not freeze) 大雪時凍るまでの時間(-1で凍らない)



version: 0
type: xml
param_root: !list
  objects: {}
    damage_param: !list
        DamageType: !obj {Key: Basic}
        DamageRate: !obj
          Sword: 1.0
          LargeSword: 1.0
          Spear: 1.0
          Arrow: 1.0
          Bomb: 1.0
          Body: 1.0
          Ancient: 1.0
          ShockWave: 1.0
          Impulse: 1.0
          GanonBeam: 1.0
        ReactionTable: !obj
          Sword-Small: !str32 通常ダメージ
          Sword-Middle: !str32 中ダメージ
          Sword-Large: !str32 大ダメージ
          Sword-Huge: !str32 吹っ飛び
          LargeSword-Small: !str32 大ダメージ
          LargeSword-Middle: !str32 大ダメージ
          LargeSword-Large: !str32 大ダメージ
          LargeSword-Huge: !str32 吹っ飛び
          Spear-Small: !str32 通常ダメージ
          Spear-Middle: !str32 中ダメージ
          Spear-Large: !str32 大ダメージ
          Spear-Huge: !str32 吹っ飛び
          Arrow-Small: !str32 通常ダメージ
          Arrow-Middle: !str32 通常ダメージ
          Arrow-Large: !str32 大ダメージ
          Arrow-Huge: !str32 吹っ飛び
          Bomb-Small: !str32 通常ダメージ
          Bomb-Middle: !str32 通常ダメージ
          Bomb-Large: !str32 大ダメージ
          Bomb-Huge: !str32 吹っ飛び
          Body-Small: !str32 通常ダメージ
          Body-Middle: !str32 中ダメージ
          Body-Large: !str32 大ダメージ
          Body-Huge: !str32 吹っ飛び
          Ancient-Small: !str32 通常ダメージ
          Ancient-Middle: !str32 中ダメージ
          Ancient-Large: !str32 吹っ飛び
          Ancient-Huge: !str32 吹っ飛び
          ShockWave-Small: !str32 通常ダメージ
          ShockWave-Middle: !str32 中ダメージ
          ShockWave-Large: !str32 大ダメージ
          ShockWave-Huge: !str32 吹っ飛び
          Impulse-Small: !str32 無反応
          Impulse-Middle: !str32 通常ダメージ
          Impulse-Large: !str32 大ダメージ
          Impulse-Huge: !str32 吹っ飛び
          GanonBeam-Small: !str32 吹っ飛び
          GanonBeam-Middle: !str32 吹っ飛び
          GanonBeam-Large: !str32 吹っ飛び
          GanonBeam-Huge: !str32 吹っ飛び
        Parameters: !obj
          Breakable: false
          HammerAffect: false
          WeakBreakerAffect: false
          ChemicalAttackAffect: true
          SpAffectRatio: 1.0
          SpAffectDamage: 0
          VanishAffect: false
          IsCriticalBlowOff: true
          IsAcceptAtkImpulse: true
          IsCommonCalcImpuleDamage: false
          IsHeavyBreak: false
          ImpulseThresholdLv0: 0.0
          ImpulseDamageLv0: 0.0
          ImpulseThresholdLv1: 8000.0
          ImpulseDamageLv1: 4.0
          ImpulseThresholdLv2: 80000.0
          ImpulseDamageLv2: 8.0
          ImpulseThresholdLv3: 800000.0
          ImpulseDamageLv3: 12.0
          ImpulseThresholdLv4: -1.0
          FallDamageStartHeight: 20.0
          FallDamageMin: 4
          FallDamagePerMeter: 0.6
          FallDamageHighStart: 50.0
          FallDamageHighPerMeter: 2
          FallDamageNoWaterDepth: 1.4
          WeakPointBone: ''
          WeakPointCalcArea: 0.0
          WeakPointCalcOffset: !vec3 [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]
          WeakPointArea: 0.0
          WeakPointOffset: !vec3 [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]
          WeakPointRatio: 4.0
          WeakPointNoUIFlag: false
          WeakPointBone2: ''
          WeakPointCalcArea2: 0.0
          WeakPointCalcOffset2: !vec3 [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]
          WeakPointArea2: 0.0
          WeakPointOffset2: !vec3 [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]
          WeakPointRatio2: 1.0
          WeakPointNoUIFlag2: false
          SillentKillMultRatio: 1.0
          SillentKillAddDamage: 0
          IsDeadBurnout: false
          IsMetamorBurnout: false
          IsMatamorFromTg: true
          Burnable: true
          BurnDamage: 2
          BurnDamage2: 4
          BurnDamage3: 6
          BurnDamage4: 8
          BurnDamage5: 10
          BurnTime: 30
          BurnDamageInterval: 30
          BurnContinuousDamage: 2
          BurnCritical: false
          ProofBurnAtSmallDamage: false
          IsDeadIce: false
          IsMetamorIce: false
          Iceable: true
          IceDamage: 2
          IceTime: 180
          IceBreakableByAtk: true
          IceBreakDamageRatio: 2.0
          IceCritical: false
          ProofIceAtSmallDamage: false
          IsDeadElectric: false
          IsMetamorElectric: false
          Electricable: true
          ElectricDamage: 12
          ElectricTime: 20
          ElecCancelableByAtk: true
          ProofElecAtSmallDamage: false
          WetAffect: false
          LightningAffect: true
          LightningDamage: 48
          GerudoHeroAffect: true
          GerudoHeroDamage: 100
          GerudoHeroTime: 300
          GustAffect: true
          DrownHeight: -1.0
          DrownDamage: 4
          ColdWaterFrozenTime: -1
          ColdWaterAffect: true
          ColdWaterDamage: 2
          ColdWaterDamageInterval: 60
          ColdWaterDamageStartDepth: 0.0
          ColdWaterDamageIntervalDeep: 15
          ColdWaterDamageDeepDepth: 1.4
          HotWaterBoiledTime: -1
          HotWaterHealAffect: true
          HotWaterHeal: 2
          HotWaterHealInterval: 60
          HotWaterHealStartDepth: 0.4
          HotWaterHealIntervalDeep: -1
          HotWaterHealDeepDepth: -1.0
          HotWaterChemCrit: false
          PoisonBogAffect: true
          PoisonBogDamage: 2
          PoisonBogDamageInterval: 15
          LavaAffect: true
          LavaDamage: 4
          LavaDamageInterval: 60
          LavaDeepDepth: 0.4
          LavaDeepDamage: 0
          CurseAffect: true
          CurseDamage: 2
          CurseInterval: 15
          CurseContinuousDamage: 2
          HeavySnowColdTime: -1
      lists: {}