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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
SaveFlag String Save flag (optional)
MakeSaveFlag Int 0 Which save flag to actually use[1][2]:
  • 0: Use the specified SaveFlag.
  • 1: Use Clear_%s % (current map name).
  • 2: Use Open_%s % (closest dungeon name, based on the player's position).
  • 3: Use MainField_%s_%u % (object UnitConfigName, object HashId).
IncrementSave Bool False Increment the GameData flag instead of setting or clearing it[3]. If true, the GameData flag must be an s32 flag.
NoChangeSignal Bool False
SaveFlagOnOffType Int 0 Which action should be taken for boolean LinkTags with IncrementSave set to false:[4][check]
  • 0: Set or clear the flag depending on the LinkTag type. (Set for LinkTagAnd, LinkTagNAnd, LinkTagXOr; Clear for LinkTagOr, LinkTagNOr and in any other case)
  • 1: Set the flag.
  • 2: Clear the flag.


Name Type Default value Description
CheckType Int LinkTag type[5]:
  • 0: And
  • 1: Or
  • 2: NAnd
  • 3: NOr
  • 4: XOr
  • 5: Count
  • 6: Pulse
  • 7: None

Derived definitions

Root (LinkTagXOr)

Name Value
CheckType 4

Root (LinkTagOr)

Name Value
CheckType 1

Root (LinkTagNOr)

Name Value
CheckType 3

Root (LinkTagAnd)

Name Value
CheckType 0

Root (LinkTagNAnd)

Name Value
CheckType 2
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  5. LinkTag::init (Switch 1.5.0 0x7100D379F8)