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AI definition
Type Action


Name Type Default value Description
MaxMagneForceRange Float
MinMagneForceRange Float
MagneControlSpeed Float
MagneForceRadius Float
MagneForceDamp Float
MagneForceVelRate Float
ObjectTerror Float
MagneShootSpeed Float
MagneControlRotateSpeed Float
MagneControlUpDownSpeed Float
ResistanceSpeedScale Float
MaxMagneHeight Float
CancelAngle Float
CancelHeight Float
CancelAngleFixed Float
CancelHeightFixed Float
GyroUpDownSpeed Float
GyroRotateSpeed Float

Derived definitions

マグネフォース発生 (Magnetglove, Root_0)

Name Value
MaxMagneForceRange 20.0
MinMagneForceRange 1.0
MagneControlSpeed 0.36
MagneForceRadius 20.0
MagneForceDamp 0.15
MagneForceVelRate 1.0
ObjectTerror 2.0
MagneShootSpeed 0.9
MagneControlRotateSpeed 0.035
MagneControlUpDownSpeed 0.35
ResistanceSpeedScale 0.785
MaxMagneHeight 15.0
CancelAngle 1.5708
CancelHeight 15.0
CancelAngleFixed 3.14159
CancelHeightFixed 1000.0
GyroUpDownSpeed 0.2
GyroRotateSpeed 0.009