Author(s) zerq
Source code https://github.com/Zer0XoL/BotW-aampTool
License LGPLv3
Written in C++
Platform support Cross-platform

aamptool is an AAMP tool. It can convert documents from AAMP to a human readable format (XML) and vice versa. As the historic tool, aamptool has been very well tested and can handle most documents correctly.


Download the tool from GitHub (note: builds are only provided for Windows).

Known issues

  • Non-root parameter lists: Parameter lists are not handled correctly at this moment, which causes files (baiprogs for instance) that rely on nested lists to have a strange structure in their XML representation.
  • Parameter names with leading numbers: Nintendo sometimes starts parameter structure names with numbers. aamptool converts structures into XML tags; however leading numbers in tag names are explicitly disallowed by the XML specification. As a result files with such nodes cannot be converted back from XML into AAMP correctly. aamptool will either crash or fail to convert the affected parameter nodes.
  • Incomplete parameter type support: Esoteric parameter types such as curves and buffers are not supported. This is problematic because a conversion into XML will only keep one byte of the original data, leading to data loss when converting back to AAMP.