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This article provides a list of all the different conditions used in game and what they check.

Event Conditions

Event conditions are conditions that actors check to determine what event should play. Every actor in the NPC sheet has event info which points to an event flowchart as well as the actor's name in the flowchart.

Condition Type What It Checks
0 Player touch
1 Player touch while diving
2 A press
3 ?
4 Powder used
5 ?
6 Ocarina no song
7 Ocarina Ballad
8 Ocarina Mambo
9 Ocarina Soul
10 Player touching loading zone
11 ?
12 Player touching event trigger?
13 Exiting trendy?
14 Local flag changed


Condition categories are used as either additional conditions for triggering events, or to determine the layout of an actor. For instance, Marin appears in several different areas throughout the game. Each instance of her has a number as the first actor parameter. The game uses these conditions to determine which instance of an actor should appear.

Category Type What It Checks
0 Always True
1 Global Flag
2 Inventory Item
3 Companion
4 Actor Parameter 1
5 Actor Parameter 2
6 Actor Parameter 3?
7 Actor Parameter 4?
8 Actor Switch
9 Global Condition
10 Shop Global Flag?
11 Shop Inventory Item?