Breath of the Wild sends a significant amount of telemetry reports to Nintendo about in-game events and usage patterns.

On Switch

On the Nintendo Switch, the prepo system service is used to save these reports.

Common report fields

Version info

Field Description
RomVer Game version
AocVer Add-on content version

Map info

Field Description
IsHardMode Is Master Mode
MapType MainField, AocField, CDungeon, MainFieldDungeon

Play times

Field Description
PlayTime Current play time (since the game was launched)
AllPlayTime Cumulated play time (since the first launch)


Field Description
PosX Player's position on the map
PosZ Player's position on the map



Whenever a hidden Korok appears.

  • Korok ID
  • Map info
  • Play times
  • Position


When the player enters a dungeon or divine beast or the Final Trial, leaves it or completes it.


Quest event.

  • Map info
  • Id
  • Name
  • Step
  • StepName
  • Play times


When the player dies.

  • Map info
  • Reason (e.g. lightning)
  • Killer (the name of the actor that killed you)
  • Play times
  • Position
  • CRC32 of map name


When a panic blood moon occurs.

  • Version info
  • Map info
  • Reason (see Blood moon#Panic Blood Moons)
  • RomWorkTime: time since game launch (in frames)
  • SceneWorkTime: time since last GameScene scene load
  • Map name
  • Play times
  • Position


When an item is received.

  • Map info
  • CRC32 of the item name
  • Position
  • Play times


  • BalloonTextOnOff
  • AutoSaveOnOff
  • Options like CameraUpDownReverse, jump button change, ...
  • Whether the player is playing in docked mode or not
  • ControllerType
  • PlayTimeHandheld, PlayTimeConsole, PlayTimeAll
  • Audio mode (stereo, mono, surround)
  • etc.


Whenever a memory allocation is made using an emergency heap (for example ActorSystem's emergency heap because an actor's instSize is too low).

  • Version info
  • Heap name
  • Play times
  • Position

Debug reports

Debug versions send additional play reports for many common in-game events, such as enemy kills, inventory items the player receives or uses, etc.

Position tracker data

The PosTrackerUploader component can upload position tracker data (i.e. Hero's Path data). It is currently unknown whether this feature is actually enabled in the release version.[check]

On Wii U

The Wii U version also includes telemetry code, with fewer reports and slightly different names (e.g. bloodymoon is called bmoon).

It is currently unknown when or if these reports are actually sent.